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Published: September 27 2007, 10:05:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 3:59:37 PM

How do I determine buy it now price for a listing?

Detailed Description 

   A Chinese auction item can be listed with both StartPrice and BuyItNowPrice. Fixed price items (FixedPriceItem and StoresFixedPrice)  are allowed to be listed with StartPrice even though they are marked as BuyItNow on the eBay Web site. As a result, you should examine  ListingType propery and BuyItNowAvailable property to determine whether to label an itme as   . 

     String listingType = item.getListingType().toString();
     if (  listingType.equals("FixedPriceItem") || listingType.equals("StoresFixedPrice") ){ 
          // it's a Fixed price item, and the item in quesion should be labeled as
          // here is the price for this item

      }else if (listingType.equals("Chinese" ) || listingType.equals("Dutch")){
          // it's an auction item, and here is the current bid price for the item
           item.getSellingStatus().getCurrentPrice ().getValue();  

          if (  item.getListingDetails().getBuyItNowAvailable() ) {
             // it's a Chinese item that listed with BuyItNowPrice feature       
             // the item in question should be marked as

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