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Published: June 14 2007, 3:22:00 PMUpdated: August 17 2021, 11:40:10 PM

I need to make a GeteBayDetails call to get the ShippingServices for UK using SOAP. How should I specify the sites?


You need to specify the required siteid in the server URL against which you are making the SOAP request.  For instance, if you are need to get the shipping services for UK, you need to set the numeric value of the siteid parameter to 3.


Detailed Description

Here is a C# .NET example for making a SOAP call to GeteBayDetails for getting the Shipping Services for UK.  In this sample, eBaySOAP is a reference to the eBay Web Service.  

You can add a web reference to the latest version of the WSDL using the following url:


private void SOAPCall()


    eBaySOAP.eBayAPIInterfaceService service = new eBaySOAP.eBayAPIInterfaceService();

    string endpoint = "";

    string callName = "GeteBayDetails";

    string siteId = "3";

    string appId = "appid"; //use your app ID

    string devId = "devid"; //use your dev ID

    string certId = "certid"; //use your cert ID

    string version = "515";


    // Build the request URL and set the siteid

    string requestURL = endpoint + "?callname=" + callName
                        + "&siteid=" + siteId
                        + "&appid=" + appId + "&version=" + version + "&routing=default";


    // Assign the request URL to the servicelocator.

    service.Url = requestURL;


    // Set credentials

    service.RequesterCredentials = new eBaySOAP.CustomSecurityHeaderType();

    service.RequesterCredentials.eBayAuthToken = "token"; //use your token

    service.RequesterCredentials.Credentials = new eBaySOAP.UserIdPasswordType();

    service.RequesterCredentials.Credentials.AppId = appId;

    service.RequesterCredentials.Credentials.DevId = devId;

    service.RequesterCredentials.Credentials.AuthCert = certId;


    eBaySOAP.GeteBayDetailsRequestType request = new eBaySOAP.GeteBayDetailsRequestType();

    request.DetailName = new eBaySOAP.DetailNameCodeType[1];

    request.DetailName.SetValue(eBaySOAP.DetailNameCodeType.ShippingServiceDetails, 0);

    request.Version = version;

    eBaySOAP.GeteBayDetailsResponseType response = service.GeteBayDetails(request);




Version Info

The code example above was based on the versions specified below:

API Schema Version 515


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