The Trading API comprises numerous objects and concepts which are briefly described beginning here.

Listing types/formats

Listing types differ in how a sale is made (e.g., progressive bidding, immediate purchase, etc). Other differences include the number of items that can be offered for sale in a listing, the number of days a listing may be active, and how and when the listing ends.

The eBay listing types are:

  • Auction listings

    For the duration of a listing, the seller receives bids for the item. The highest bidder who also meets the Reserve Price — if set up — at the end of the listing wins the item. The seller also has the option of implementing the Buy It Now feature on the item, which allows buyers to buy the item at the "Buy It Now" price. However, the Buy It Now feature is disabled for the listing as soon as it receives the first bid that meets or exceeds the Reserve Price.

    The seller can offer Buy It Now or Best Offer in an auction listing, but not both, and once the first qualifying bid is received for the auction listing, either of these features is disabled.

  • Fixed-price listing

    The seller lists an item at a fixed-price and buyers are able to purchase the item without bidding. The seller has the option of implementing the Best Offer feature on a fixed-price listing, where the buyer can propose a "Best Offer" that has a price which is lower than the fixed price for the item. It is up to the seller to accept or reject any Best Offer or counteroffer that is received for the item.

    The duration of all fixed-price listings must be set to "Good 'Til Cancelled". No other listing durations are supported. The only exceptions to this rule are motor-vehicle categories (i.e., 6001, 6024, 6038, 26429, and 66466,) on eBay Motors and on motor-vehicle categories (9800) on the eBay UK and eBay Italy sites.

    "Good 'Til Cancelled" listings automatically renew each month, as long as there is inventory remaining for the listing. Generally, a fixed-price listing automatically ends when the available quantity of the item is at 0. However sellers can select the "Out-of-Stock" option in My eBay Site Preferences so that listings with 0 quantity are kept alive by eBay but are hidden from search results which allows the seller to add more inventory to the listing.

  • Classified Ads

    With this listing type, the seller is announcing the availability of the item on eBay. However, when a buyer purchases the item from the seller it is done off of eBay's platform. This listing type is not available for all eBay categories. Call GetCategoryFeatures to determine which categories support the Classified Ad format

  • Motors National listings

    This is a motor vehicle listing where a vehicle is available for purchase by anyone in the country. It is up to the seller to use an auction listing, a fixed-price listing, or classified ad.

  • Motors Local Market listing (for dealership subscribers only)

    This listing type is good for late model, everyday, or unique vehicles that would interest local rather than national buyers. It requires that the seller have a Local Market subscription.

For more information about creating, managing, and retrieving listings refer to: