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Listen to Gail Frederick's on-stage announcement of eBay's new Buy and Sell APIs, from the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing!

In this video, Gail shares her excitement about the immense business opportunity that eBay APIs have opened up to buyers, sellers, and application developers; and talks about how her own experiences as a developer led her to taking on the leadership of the eBay Developers Program.

“The reason why we are investing in APIs at eBay is because we believe that commerce is changing from an experience that you go to, to an experience that comes to you, said Gail Frederick, Senior Director, eBay Developer Ecosystem and Services. “We have two major [categories of] APIs that we’re launching: One for selling and one for buying. We’re enabling developers to allow their users to buy and sell on eBay from anywhere.” For the first time, eBay is opening the opportunity for developers to build experiences that enable buyers to search, view, and complete checkout and payment for millions of eBay items without ever leaving your website—you control the user experience from search to conversion, powered by the eBay platform and catalog.

“More than 80% of what we sell are new items, sold at fixed prices. We have more than 160 million active buyers worldwide,” explains Gail. “In one month this year, August 2016, developers calling our public APIs created 175 million listings, and managed about 4 times that.”

Sales generated from API-driven listings in August alone was $1B of GMV (gross merchandise volume). “Just in one month, just through our public APIs. That is eBay scale,” said Gail.

To hear more about eBay’s new Sell APIs and new Buy APIs, watch the 10-minute video of Gail’s talk below, and see our 2016 Developer Update.