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On August 14, 2018, we announced that we are leveraging the OpenAPI Specification (OAS) for all of our RESTful public APIs. The APIs are described using both 2.0 and 3.0 versions of the OAS. With OpenAPI, developers can download an eBay OpenAPI contract, generate clients in one of 40+ supported programming languages, and successfully invoke an eBay API in minutes.

OpenAPI-based contracts were featured at eBay Connect, our developer conference event. Demos were very well received by our 3rd-party developers. It is clear that partner integrations with our APIs are streamlined with significantly reduced time to market. In addition to acting as a Rosetta Stone in the API world, the OAS definitely helps to improve developer efficiency and productivity.

Watch the following video to see a demonstration of how OpenAPI-based contracts can speed API integrations:

API Strategy & Practice Conference

We will be attending the API Strategy & Practice Conference in Nashville, Tennessee on September 24 - 26. To learn more, follow us on Twitter @ebaydev and message if you would like to meet us in person!<