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Noticed something different about our Buy, Sell, and Commerce API documentation?

Yep, this summer we gave it a complete UI makeover. Our new design is tailored to reflect the model of our new RESTful APIs, and we hope you like what you see.

RESTful API Model

The new layout of our API reference docs highlights the RESTful model by clearly tying together the relationships between our different APIs and their associated resources. We updated the navigation, color-coded the HTTP methods, and created a color scheme for the Buy, Sell, and Commerce API contexts. These new colors align with our recent overall redesign of

Powered entirely by NodeJS, our new API reference docs also boast several functional changes—and we think you'll be impressed!

Field and Call Tables

We've replaced our older call index with a new index of resources and methods. One new feature is that you can sort the call resource tables by method name, HTTP method, or call path. This lets you browse resources as you please, depending on whether you're an engineer working on code, a product manager writing general requirements, or using a tool like the API Explorer.

We've created new layouts for our method and field tables. You can now resize table columns and expand the content you need to see.

Request and Response Payloads

We've updated our payload displays (those request and response models above the field tables) so they use less screen real estate. And, by adding the ability to scroll the payloads, you can now hone in on any part of the schema you need to view. If you need to review the whole payload at once, use the new copy-to-clipboard feature. One click copies the entire contents of any displayed payload model.

Naming Conventions

To better focus on our REST model, our docs now address all methods by their method names, as defined by the API schema. We've standardized on this naming convention across our site—you'll see these same method names used in the API Explorer and other tools, as well.


Getting around, be it in town or in our documentation, is important. That's why we've completely pulled apart and reassembled our doc navigation.

To improve doc usability, we've kept the navigation consistent throughout the RESTful API docs. By implementing a high-level navigation for each API context (e.g., Sell vs. Buy), you can jump from anywhere to the reference docs, the integration topics, and the Using eBay RESTful APIs guide.

We've also improved our left-hand menu by giving you the ability to navigate between all the call pages in an API reference, plus all the other documentation related to the API (including indexes, release notes, integration guides, and overviews). Plus, we've added links to our OpenAPI specs where available.

Lastly, we've added a feature that some of you have asked for: Once you've found the page you want to read, collapse the left-hand menu for more viewing space.

We Value Your Feedback

We welcome your feedback on our new doc layout and we encourage you to comment on any ideas or suggestions you might have for improvements.

Happy reading,
The eBay Developer Documentation Team