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As part of our commitment to embrace and create awareness for our developer ecosystem, we are bringing together a cross-section of our innovative and influential developers, through a series of global events, starting this week.

This summer, conferences will take place in seven locations across the US, Europe and Asia. Members of our global community of developers will meet to share best practices and learn about eBay's latest APIs. And, most importantly, developers will get a chance to hear into how eBay is leveraging its technology to make it easier for our developer ecosystem to create innovative new eBay experiences.

“Over the past seven months, we’ve not only grown the number of registered developers who are part of our program, but our APIs have continued to accelerate selling and buying,” said Gail. “As a team, we have an API-first mentality - we’re taking a developer-centric model for delivering APIs. Working with third-party developers and launch partners to build and update APIs is important for eBay as we aspire to become the world's most powerful selling platform, and a platform that developers love.”