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We've made some updates to the Fulfillment API to support popular eBay shipping features: eBay Guaranteed Delivery and the Global Shipping Program. We've also provided an OpenAPI specification that you can use to simplify your integration process.

eBay Guaranteed Delivery

Quick shipping and dependable delivery dates are critical to online buyers. With eBay Guaranteed Delivery, sellers increase their listing visibility and buyers get their items in 3 days or less, guaranteed. Sellers in the US who meet program requirements can opt-in to Guaranteed Delivery. Whether sellers specify handling time or a door-to-door delivery time (with shipping rate tables), buyers see when exactly a given item will be delivered.

With release v1.2.0 of the Fulfillment API, the getOrders and getOrder calls now return the lineItemFulfillmentInstructions container, which supports eBay Guaranteed Delivery by providing guidance for handling and delivery timing when fulfilling a line item. This information is also provided for non-guaranteed delivery. For details, see the documentation for the LineItemFulfillmentInstructions type.

eBay Global Shipping Program

The eBay Global Shipping Program provides a safe and easy way for sellers to sell internationally and ship domestically. eBay handles the details, such as helping identify which types of items can be sold where, to completing customs forms, to calculating and providing international shipping with tracking.

In release v1.3.0, the the getOrders and getOrder calls now return the fulfillmentStartInstructions.shippingStep.shipToReferenceId field, which supports eBay's Global Shipping Program by providing the seller with an identifier for the shipment. The seller must include the value of shipToReferenceId on the shipping label immediately above the street address of the international shipping provider. The international shipping provider uses it to retrieve essential information necessary to complete the international leg of the shipment.

OpenAPI Specification

The latest release of the Fulfillment API includes Beta versions of JSON and YAML files that comply with version 2.0 of the OpenAPI Specification. The OpenAPI Specification is a widely adopted standard for describing RESTful APIs. The eBay API specification files can facilitate your development process through the ability to generate client code in numerous languages, using Swagger-Codegen tools, as well as the ability to easily view and test the API via Swagger UI projects.