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Earlier this year, we launched standardized, vendor neutral, and community driven OpenAPI description format for the first time for eBay public APIs. The motivation was to make integration with our APIs easier across multiple technology stacks.

The beta launch of our OpenAPI based contracts was featured at eBay Connect, our worldwide developer conference event, and very well received by our developer community. By publishing description formats, that are both human- and machine- readable with SDK support across 40 plus technology stacks, we significantly reduced the effort on our partners’ side. Positive feedback emphasizes simplified and streamlined integration with our new modern family of RESTful APIs that further empower eBay buyers and sellers.

In August 2017, we officially became a part of the Open API Initiative (OAI). We continue on the path of progress by being one of the first in the industry to publish contracts based on OpenAPI 3.0 specification. They are available now for all our RESTful APIs under the Buy and Commerce umbrella while Sell APIs are coming soon.

We will be attending the API Strategy & Practice Conference in Portland on October 31-November 2. To learn more, follow us on Twitter @ebaydev and message if you would like to meet us in person! Save 20% with code APIMEET17! (