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The Marketing API is part of the eBay Buy APIs. It retrieves eBay products based on a metric, such as Best Selling and returns the details of the product, such as the eBay product ID (EPID), title, product image, user review and rating, condition, and estimated starting price.

You can use this API with the Browse API Search for Items call to retrieve the items for a product.

This API lets you display a list of the best selling products in a category. The list is sorted by product demand and includes the following product details.

  • eBay Product ID & title
  • Estimated Start Price for different item conditions (new, used, etc.)
  • Average product ratings
  • Product ratings aspects

This API can be used to:

  • Motivate customers to purchase by showing them the best selling products.
  • Create awareness about different products/items to help buyers compare and research products, and to select a product with confidence.
  • Build landing page modules with better choices in products.

For details, see the Marketing API Overview and the Marketing API Call Reference documentation.