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Dear Developer,

The eBay Developers Program has updated the eBay API License Agreement. The focus of this update is improved security, especially with regard to data protection and eBay member privacy concerns. Included in the updateis a requirement for you to make publicly available, and abide by, an appropriate privacy policy for your application. Your privacy policy must be at least as stringent as the eBay Privacy Policy.

As a result of new requirements, as mandated by the updated API License Agreement, you may need to make the following changes:

  • If your application gets tokens programmatically on behalf of eBay buyers or sellers, you must configure the eBay sign-in settings with the URL to your privacy policy. You must provide the URL to your privacy policy for each RuName configured for each of your applications. You cannot leave the URL blank or use the URL for the eBay Privacy Policy.
  • If your application displays eBay content or eBay member personal information, such as a seller username, the application page or screen must include a link to your privacy policy.
  • You must provide and maintain accurate contact information for your developer account and you must inform us promptly of any updates to your contact information.

If eBay believes you or Your Users are using the Developer Tools in any way that violates the eBay API License Agreement or undermines eBay’s business interests, eBay may, at its sole discretion, terminate these Terms, suspend your license to use the APIs, discontinue your participation in the Program, terminate your access to the Developer Tools, and/or reduce your access to all or some APIs.

eBay regularly reviews and updates their policies and agreements to ensure concurrence with the latest laws and other eBay user agreements and policies, so please check the eBay Developers Program site periodically to see the latest updates. You are responsible for reviewing the updated API License Agreement and familiarizing yourself with the latest terms and conditions. Please note that your continued access to or use of the eBay APIs and related services or any licensed materials constitutes binding acceptance of the updated license agreement.


eBay Developer Relations