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Published: December 10 2004, 1:36:00 PMUpdated: July 27 2022, 12:28:23 AM

Sometimes GetSellerTransactions returns error 16100 or 16101 indicating that some of the items returned might not be legitimate or that some may be missing.

Why does this happen and should we just ignore the results?

It may be that the warning message needs to be reworded. The items returned are all legitimate, but the set is incomplete.

Items are stored on a number of hosts called Catalog or Caty hosts. From time to time a Caty host may be temporarily unavailable or the connection to it is down for a moment and as a result the list obtained by GetSellerList does not include items from that Caty host. In this situation we return the 16100 or 16101 error.

What we recommend is that you keep the list of items, after all they are all real items for that seller, but try again in a moment to get the full list.

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