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Published: May 07 2007, 4:00:00 PMUpdated: November 08 2023, 9:44:43 PM

How can I update my SDK to use a WSDL version that is different from what it is shipped with?

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If you want to use a WSDL that is different from what the SDK shipped with, for instance, if you want to update your SDK to use the latest version of the WSDL, here are the steps:

  1. Get the WSDL version that you need:
    Use<version>/eBaySvc.wsdl to download and save the WSDL, where <version> is the version that you need.
    For example, if you need 1031, you need to use:
  2. Create call wrapper classes, if required:
    If the WSDL includes new calls for which there are no wrapper classes in your existing version of the .NET SDK, you will need to create the wrapper class.
    Open the solution DOTNET.SOAP.sln located in <sdk install folder>\Source
    Within the Visual Studio solution explorer, right click on Call.  Select Add, Add Class.  Set the name to <callname>Call.cs, where <callname> is the name of the call, for which the wrapper needs to be created.
    Add the necessary namespaces, properties and methods. 
    Tip:  use an existing class as a sample for your new wrapper class. 
  3. Generate Code Using the eBayCodeGenerator Tool:
    Execute the instructions in the readme.doc file located in the folder <sdk install folder>\Code Generator
    When using the tool, you will get a warning similar to this:
    "eBay .NET SDK v1029 is compatible with version 1029 of the eBay WSDL. Using other versions of the WSDL with this SDK version is not supported".  It is just a warning and you can ignore it.

  4. Rebuild the SDK:
    Rebuild the project - you will find the instructions in HowToBuild.htm located in the folder <install folder>\Source
  5. Use the new eBay.Service.dll in your project and you should be able to see the new fields and calls that are available in the WSDL.


Please be aware that as following deprecated API calls and  data type  that being used in the existing Add Item related SDK wrapper classes have been removed from the WSDL Version 1209 or higher version, you would run to exceptions when built SDK against latest WSDL unless you delete the deprecated wrapper classes and clean up the Add item related SDK wrapper CS files.

1. SellingManager APIs
2. PromotionalSale APIs
3. ListingRecommendationsType


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