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The goal of these requirements is to create a consistent front to everyone—customers, prospects, vendors, the media, or investors—throughout the course of business. This unified approach will help:

  • Build a consistent visual image that lets your customers know they are accessing a trusted, vibrant, global marketplace through an application that was developed by a member of the eBay Developers Program.
  • Gain market impact and recognition for the program and its participants through consistent presentation.
  • Protect eBay's trademarks.

Use of API logos does not imply endorsement or sponsorship of your application by eBay.

You must display the API Logos in the form provided. You may not modify or alter the API Logos including size, proportions, colors, elements, type or in any other respect, without the prior written approval of eBay. All of Your materials bearing the API Logos shall carry the following notice: "eBay and the eBay Logo are trademarks of eBay Inc.", or upon written agreement by eBay the following notice: "Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners."

The eBay Logos provided to You contain the ® or TM symbol, and that symbol should never be deleted. eBay reserves the right to approve in writing all of Your materials incorporating the API Logos and eBay Content in advance of their use. eBay may withhold its approval of such materials in eBay's sole discretion.

In the event eBay requests to review such materials, You shall give eBay no less than fifteen (15) business days to review and approve said materials. eBay shall have an opportunity to review and approve (or disapprove) in writing in advance of their use the revised versions of any such materials reflecting changes as may be requested by eBay, on no less than two (2) business days notice to eBay.

eBay may immediately terminate Your license to use the API Logos upon notice to You at which time You will immediately cease any and all use of the API Logos.