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Monetization Opportunities

The eBay API platform offers an unprecedented number of opportunities to build a new eBay business or expand your current business, reach new customers, and create a potential new stream of revenue.

  • Sell Your Application or Service - You can reproduce almost any eBay feature and retrieve almost any kind of data to extend the eBay experience. Build a new application or integrate the eBay API with your existing Web, desktop or mobile application, and then make money by selling subscriptions or installations of your application or service to eBay members. It's that easy!
  • eBay Partner Network - Become an affiliate publisher, help drive traffic to eBay, and get paid for doing it. To join the network, please go to the eBay Partner Network's site.

Once you've decided which kind of application you would like to build, ensure you take advantage of all the benefits the Developers Program has to offer by Passing the Compatible Application Check.