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We've developed this handbook with the entrepreneurial eBay developer in mind. As eBay grows, the developer community building apps with our API platform remains central to our progress. The eBay Developers Program exists to open up the market opportunity of the largest e-commerce marketplace on the Web to the innovation of third party developers. So whether you are an individual developer with a killer new eBay app, or an enterprise-sized business launching a solution for thousands of eBay members, this handbook will enable you to tap into the power of marketing to millions of active eBay users worldwide. As part of a continuing effort to showcase third party innovation, we provide this handbook to encourage you to take advantage of opportunities to promote your applications to the eBay Community.

Join the Program & Enjoy the Marketing Benefits

The first step to leveraging the power of eBay API platform is to join the eBay Developers Program. If you are not already a member, join the program today by going to Membership is free. Click here for more information about joining the eBay Developers Program.


  • No annual membership fee.
  • Free usage of API production servers, with up to 5000 API calls per day (AddItem and RelistItem calls are exempted from this limit).
  • Passing the free Compatible Application Check will get you more API calls per day.