The eBay Solutions Directory, located at , is the place the eBay Community can go to find an extensive directory of eBay tools and solutions all in one place. Our directory is marketed widely across the website , in eBay communications and at eBay events.

eBay Community members use the Solutions Directory to find and compare solutions that meet their specific eBay business needs. They usually start with the type of application they are looking for, then narrow it down by the criteria that are the most important to them, whether it is category-specific support, countries supported, price or by the positive feedback left by others.

Once your application has passed the Compatible Application Check, you can include it in the eBay Solutions Directory for free to reach eBay Community members with information about your eBay tools or services. Community members can browse the directory to find the solution that’s right for their needs, then click through to your website to get more details about your solution.

Get more Ratings and Reviews for your solutions by creating the Solutions Directory Ratings and Reviews Toolkit, which includes sample emails you can send your customers to ask them to leave you feedback, and a blurb you can use in your newsletter.

How to List an Item in the eBay Solutions Directory

To list an item in the eBay Solutions Directory, eBay Developers Program members whose applications have passed the Compatible Application Check can go to your Account menu (Hi username), and choose Solutions Directory Account. Then follow the process to list the solution – and be sure to include your company or product logo.

eBay Solutions Directory ratings guidelines and policies

Rating scores and detailed reviews are used in the eBay Solutions Directory to help users determine whether a solution meets their needs. eBay Community members help each other make better purchasing decisions by rating solutions or services listed in the eBay Solutions Directory. Solutions are rated on a scale of 1 to 5 based on Features, Usability and Support. Services are rated based on Met Expectations, Quality and Value. eBay requires a minimum eBay feedback rating of 50 in order for someone to rate a listing in the Directory. Competitors or owners of solutions may not rate a solution. To report an issue with a rating or a listing in the Solutions Directory, send us a message. For more information about rating a provider in the eBay Solutions Directory, visit

Managing your listings in the eBay Solutions Directory

To manage your Solutions Directory listings log in to your Developer account. Go to your Account menu (Hi username), and choose Solutions Directory Account.

Providers can list services they offer that aren’t tied to a specific software product.

Providers may include localized versions of each of their listings to be displayed on the sites in international countries such as Germany, France and Australia. Members are not permitted to include URL addresses linking to their website in their descriptions. A button is included in the listing that will take the viewer off eBay to the member’s proprietary website for additional information or to purchase your solution.

Use your actual product, service or company name in your listing.

How to optimize your eBay Solutions Directory listing

There are a number of ways you can get the most attention paid to your listing in the eBay Solutions Directory.

  • When naming your solution, describe what the solution does in the name.
  • The 100-character short description of your product that will display on the Search or Browse Results page is key. It should attract members to click on your solution to learn more by providing the key benefit of the product (also known as your Unique Selling Point, or USP). What sets your solution apart from the competition? HTML is not per mitted as part of this description.
  • You are permitted to provide up to 5,000 characters describing your solution on the listing page. Make sure you explain what the solution offers, what type of customers will benefit from it, how they will benefit, and the advantage of your solutions compared to competitors’ products. You can use some basic HTML in this description, but you will be limited to only a few tags that offer line and paragraph breaks, bold/italic/underline text formatting, and bulleted and numbered lists.
  • Select from the type of pricing you offer and describe it in more detail (you may use the same HTML formatting options).
  • When entering your listing, think carefully about the categories you select, since you are limited to two. If your product is specific to a certain category, be sure to include it in the most appropriate area instead of just the broad groupings.
  • If your solution enables users to list or buy items on eBay sites other than , be sure to list the other sites to capture customers who want to list on the international sites as well as on . Also, try to create listings in localized languages, if possible.
  • Specify the platforms supported by the solution in the description.
  • When submitting your link, link your listing to a page that has further information about your product instead of just linking to your website.
  • At the final step you will be asked to upload a logo. Ideally, this will be a logo for the product, but you can use one for your company instead. The logo must be less than 10KB and should be a resolution of 72 DPI. The maximum and best size is 225 pixels wide by 125 pixels high and the file type must be GIF, BMP or JPG. The site managers can resize the logo if it’s on a white background, but the logo will remain proportionate.
  • Once you hit the Finish and Submit button, your listing will go up live, so immediately go to the live Solutions Directory at  and take a look so you can make any modifications necessary to put your best foot forward. Pay particular attention to the way your logo looks and the formatting of your text. Check the button to make sure it links to your site. Pretend you are a customer and evaluate whether the listing would help you decide whether to purchase the product.
  • Once your listing is live you should ask your customers to provide review and feedback ratings. Ratings are important, because they help your product display higher in Search results.