Withdraw Offers and Manage Variation Groups in the Inventory API


Publish Offers by Inventory Item Group

In Version 1.5.0, a new endpoint, publishOfferByInventoryItemGroup has been added. This endpoint allows developers to publish all the offers associated with a variationGroup in a specified marketplace. This is a very convenient method to publish all the offers that are part of a group. This eliminates the need to publish all offers that are associated with a group one at a time. Users benefit from the improved performance and throughput.

Retrieve Item Group IDs

In Version 1.4.0, the getInventoryItem and getInventoryItems endpoints have been enhanced to return the groupId associated with a SKU. This is a convenient way to identify if a SKUs is part of a variation group. If a SKU is part of a variationGroup, the application can then fetch the group's details using the groupId returned in the response.

Unpublish and Withdraw Offers

Version 1.3.0 introduces a new endpoint to end a listing that was created by publishing an offer. Users who want to stop selling a product on an eBay marketplace can unpublish or withdraw the offer associated with it. This ends the listing. If the seller wants to recreate a listing, they can publish the offer again. This endpoint takes the offerId as input.