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Item listings can be retrieved for one or more specific categories on an eBay site to create a browsing experience. findItemsByCategory returns item listings for each category specified in the request. The findItemsByCategory response contains details about items in the specified categories.

This call supports item filters (itemFilter) and aspect filters (aspectFilter) to refine your search results. By default, eBay returns a standard set of data for each item in the response. Use outputSelector to specify additional data to include in the response for each item.

By default, results are sorted by Best Match, with the most relevant items first. Use sortOrder to specify different sort order, such as by current price or the listing end time. Use paginationInput to specify how many items to return per response (page) and the specific page of data to return.

To determine valid categories, use the Shopping API GetCategoryInfo call.

Note: With finditemsAdvanced, you can combine a keyword query search for items with a search by category.