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The Finding API has several calls to help buyers and sellers find items on eBay. The APIs provide the following capabilities:

  • Search for items based on a keyword query

  • Search for items associated with a specific product

  • Browse for items in a specific category or in an eBay store

  • Filter search results by item listing details, such as price, condition, listing type, and more

  • Refine searches by the aspects of an item, such as brand, style, size, or color

  • Retrieve category and aspect metadata

  • Get keyword recommendations to improve search results

The Finding API exposes category and aspect information, which is different from existing APIs. Categories, such as shoes or digital cameras, are a buy-side grouping of items. Aspects are item characteristics shared by items in a given category. For example, in the Shoes category, aspects include Style, Color, and Shoe Size. In the Digital Cameras category, aspects include Product Type, Brand, Megapixels, and Optical Zoom. The search calls and the getHistogram call return category and aspect metadata that can be used to refine searches.

Refer to the Finding API API Reference for a list of API calls and the associated inputs and outputs for each.