translation exp APIv1.0.0 (experimental)

Translation API (experimental) API

The eBay Commerce Translation API provides machine translation to help bring inventory to new markets. The Translation API translates common commerce content, such as the title and description of an item to help present marketplace listings to buyers in different countries or regions. The Translation API takes foreign language search queries from the buyer and translates them for the target marketplace, as well.

For more information about using RESTful APIs, see Using eBay Restful APIs.

Technical overview

The Translation API uses a translation engine that eBay has optimized for the commerce use case. It is simple to use and provides quick and accurate translations. It can be used to translate content on the fly to provide shopping opportunities to new markets.

Business use cases

The primary business use case is to present item information from one market (e.g., eBay US marketplace) to buyers in another country or region, such as China. The high-performance machine translation enables scalable integrations to display thousands of listings to foreign buyers.

API restrictions

The initial release of the Translation API is in the experimental stage. Use at your own risk. It is acceptable for limited production use, but not for business critical use.

Supported languages

Currently, the Translation API supports only two languages, English (en) and Mandarin Chinese (zh). The API translates English item titles and descriptions to Mandarin and search queries from Mandarin to English.

Rate limits

For the initial release, applications are limited to 5,000 calls/day.