eBay Finding API1.13.0

Call Index

This API Reference describes the elements and attributes for each call in the Finding API.

Additional resources are available for this API. Please see the eBay Developer Documentation Center.

See also the calls in the eBay Shopping API.

Call Summary Samples
findCompletedItems Request container for the findCompletedItems call. view
findItemsAdvanced Request container for the findItemsAdvanced call. view
findItemsByCategory Returns items in one or more specified categories. view
findItemsByImage Find items based on the image similarity to the specified item. view
findItemsByKeywords Searches for items based on a keyword query and returns details for matching items. view
findItemsByProduct You can use product IDs (such as an ISBN, UPC, EAN, or eBay Product Reference ID) to find associated items listed on eBay. view
findItemsIneBayStores Use findItemsIneBayStores to find items listed in eBay stores. view
getHistograms Get request for histogram information on the supplied category or aspect. view
getSearchKeywordsRecommendation Checks specified keywords for spelling errors and returns corrected keywords that will provide better search results. view
getVersion Returns the current version of the service. view