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Published: March 19 2007, 9:54:00 AMUpdated: November 28 2020, 3:23:59 PM

PriceType vs ListingType


    There are some requirements that you should consider when determining price type for your auction. For example, when listing a Chinese Auction-style item, you are allowed to include StartPrice, ReservePrice and BuyItNowPrice price types in your listing while a Dutch Auction-style item can only be listed with StartPrice.  Another factor you should check  is the minimum price requirement.  The table below shows the minimum price requirement and allowed price types for a given lising format.

 StartPrice (required ?)  ReservePrice  (required ?)  BuyItNowPrice (required?)


 Chinese  No Minimum requirement   (Y)  Must be >= StartPrice   (N)  Must be >= to both StartPrice and ReservePrice (N)  Not Supported 

 Must be >= 1.00 on DE sites   (Y)

Must be >=0.99 on all the other sites  (Y)

 Not Supported 

 Only supported on DE site  

 Must be >=   StartPrice 

 Not Supported
 FixedPriceItem  Must be >= 0.99  (Y)  Not Supported   Not Supported    Must be < StartPrice  (N)

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