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Published: June 13 2004, 6:19:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 1:09:30 PM

Why do I receive a Credit Card error when registering a Sandbox seller?


The Sandbox site will request you to enter Credit Card or Bank Account information if you attempt to manually register your test user as a seller. Do not attempt to complete this step. 

How to Register a Sandbox User as a Seller

  • Use the Sandbox Registration Tool - This tool automatically creates a sandbox user AND registers the user as a seller.
  • Use the ValidateTestUserRegistration Call - If you already have created a Sandbox User and would simply like to register the user as a Seller, you can also use the ValidateTestUserRegistration API call to register the user as a seller.

Errors seen when a User is not a registered Seller

If your sandbox user is not a registered seller, you may see the following types of errors:

  • AddItem or VerifyAddItem may return Error 120 "Credit card not found"
  • SYI.BIZ.174" occurred while processing your request

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