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Published: December 22 2006, 3:05:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 3:09:47 PM

What is the difference between a Full versus Point release for the SDKs? What should I consider when upgrading?


The eBay SDK for Windows and eBay SDK for .NET use concepts of Full and Point releases in their version labels. It is important to understand the difference between a Full and Point release, and the considerations for upgrading with either of these release types.

Full Release

Full releases of the eBay SDKs are fully QA'd and documented releases. Every new feature is documented completely, and the entire SDK is taken through a complete quality assurance cycle.   Full releases contain all of the eBay Web Services features up to the version number used in the name, and may also contain additional SDK framework enhancements.  Full releases occur approximately every 8 weeks, and are not released for every eBay Web Services version.

If you are concerned about stability and do not have an immediate need for a feature upgrade, use SDK Full Releases.

Point Release

Point releases of the eBay SDKs are not fully QA'd and documented. Point releases may contain bug fixes and updates to SDK wrapper classes, and coincide with eBay Web Services version numbers.  Point releases can be useful if you are interested in implementing a new feature in your development environment before the next Full Release, or need a recent bug fix contained in a Point Release. If stability is of major concern to you, we recommend waiting for the next Full Release, especially for your production environment.

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