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Published: November 16 2006, 10:23:00 AMUpdated: November 28 2020, 3:02:35 PM

My AddItem call is returning this Warning:

ShortMessage>No tax table defined.</ShortMessage>
LongMessage>You specified that the item should use a tax table, but the seller has not tax table defined on eBay. The item was listed with no sales tax.</LongMessage>

What does this mean?
Why can't I use a Tax Table?

Detailed Description

In order for a seller to use the Tax Table feature on a listing, the seller must have Sales Tax information specified for at least 1 state in their Tax Table within their MyeBay preferences.
Sellers can set their Tax Table information directly on the site or through the SetTaxTable API call.
Here are the URLs on the site for setting Tax Table information:


For general information on the Tax Table feature, please see the following help page:

Through the API, you can specify a listing to use the Tax Table by including <UseTaxTable>true<UseTaxTable> in the Item container of an AddItem or RelistItem call.
Please keep in mind that in order to specify <UseTaxTable>true<UseTaxTable> in an AddItem or RelistItem call, you must also include a valid <ShippingDetails> container in the Item.
Attempting to specify <UseTaxTable>true<UseTaxTable> without a valid <ShippingDetails> container will return an Error, and the listing will not be made.

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