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Published: November 10 2006, 4:22:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 3:00:56 PM

Why am I receiving this error when trying to list a Stores Fixed Price item?

ShortMessage>Error for Stores fixed-price item.</ShortMessage> 
   <LongMessage>Only store owner can list fixed-price item.</LongMessage> 


You will receive this error if you are attempting to create a StoresFixedPrice listing, but have not yet created an eBay store.

To create an eBay Store:

To check if you already have an existing eBay Store:

  • Call GetUser with your eBay Seller token and check the User.SellerInfo.StoreOwner response element.
  • Check the icons next to your eBay User ID from the view.  If you see this icon:  Member has an eBay Store it indicates that you have an eBay Store.

If you didn't intend to list the item in an eBay Store:

  • Check your AddItem Request and change the Item.ListingType to a value other than 'StoresFixedPrice'.

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