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Published: October 03 2006, 11:49:00 AMUpdated: November 28 2020, 2:50:14 PM

Why am I seeing a PhotoFee of 0.0 returned by the VerifyAddItem call even though I am adding pictures?


The VerifyAddItem call in the .NET SDK will not return an expected PhotoFee value (as the AddItem call would) when trying to use EPS by specifying images in PictureFileList.

Detailed Description

Using EPS (eBay Picture Services) though the .NET SDK can be done by specifying the images on your computer in the PictureFileList collection.
This generally results in a PhotoFee for the specfic PhotoDisplay feature selected, such as SlideShow.
However, in the case of the VerifyAddItem call, the PhotoFee in the response will be 0.0
The reason for this is as follows:

Images posted to EPS servers must have an associated listing.
Since the VerifyAddItem call does not actually result in any listing, the SDK will not post the images to EPS servers.
Therefore the VerifyAddItem request will not contain images in the PictureDetails container (no PictureURL or GalleryURL is sent).

Please keep in mind that this only applies when using EPS. When using "self hosted images" by setting PictureURL and or GalleryURL directly, this is not an issue.

It is possible to customize the VerifyAddItem call in the SDK source code to send dummy ebay hosted image URLs, and the PhotoDisplay feature selected in order to get back the same PhotoFee value as would be seen if making the AddItem call.

If you require this behavior, please remember that the full source code is available so that you can implement this behavior yourself.

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