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Published: September 27 2006, 10:36:00 AMUpdated: November 28 2020, 2:49:14 PM

Getting support on the Accelerator Toolkit for PHP


The Accelerator Toolkit for PHP , created and supported by InTradeSys Limited is an excellent resource for PHP developers integrating with the eBay API. If you are using the toolkit and need support, below are various support options to consider:

  • Accelerator Toolkit Forum hosted by InTradeSys Limited. Note to have access to the Trading API forum you will need to register (obtain username/password) on their site.
  • Latest Version in eBay Community Codebase
  • EBATNS Samples - Samples provided by the developers of EBATNS
  • 'eBay API book' Authored by Carsten Harnisch, this book outlines the eBay API in general and how to use the Accelerator Toolkit (in German).
  • eBay Developer Support - eBay Developer Support can help with PHP coding and eBay business logic questions

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