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Published: September 11 2006, 2:02:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 2:33:44 PM

GetSellerList is not returning some of my store items, but they were returned a few days ago. Why is this happening?


Store Items that are listed with the ListingDuration of GTC have a rolling EndTime.  Hence if you make a call to GetSellerList with the EndTime filter you need to ensure that the EndTime for item is within the range that  you specify.

Detailed Description

When sellers list an item with the GTC duration, the listing is automatically re-listed every 30 days, until all the items sell or the seller ends the listing.  Hence the EndTime changes every 30 days.  

Consider this scenario:
An item is listed at 2006-08-04T19:32:24.000Z, and has an EndTime of 2006-09-03T19:32:24.000Z 
If you make a call to GetSellerList with the following EndTime filter, it will return the Item:

Item did not sell and the seller did not end the item, hence it got relisted automatically and it now has a new EndTime of  2006-10-03T19:32:24.000Z 
Now you need to modify the EndTime filter
so that it includes the new EndTime such as:

Using the previous filter of September will not return the item.

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