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Published: September 07 2006, 5:47:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 2:32:02 PM

When I call AddMemberMessageAAQToPartner or AddMemberMessage with ContactTransactionPartner in the request, I am getting back an error saying that "The transaction has not closed or is closed without selling"
What is going on?

Detailed Description

User to user messaging through the API for transactions has a limitation.
In order for the buyer and the seller to communicate for transactions using the AddMemberMessageAAQToPartner API call or the AddMemberMessage API call,
the item itself must have ended.
This means that transactions on fixed price items where the item has not ended cannot use these 2 calls for communication.
Attempts to do so will result in the following API error

  <ShortMessage>The transaction has not closed or is closed without selling.</ShortMessage>
  <LongMessage>The transaction has not closed or is closed without selling.</LongMessage>

Please note the following important message:
In June 2006, new calls were introduced which provide equivalent function to respective portions of AddMemberMessage.
These new calls and AddMemberMessage will coexist for some time.
Eventually, AddMemberMessage will be deprecated.
You are encouraged to begin making the shift from AddMemberMessage to the newer calls.
See Communication Between Members for details on the replacement calls.

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