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Published: August 31 2006, 3:50:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 2:29:52 PM

Why do I always get the following PayPal error page when I try to pay using PayPal for Sandbox items?

Transaction Cancelled

This function is temporarily unavailable. Please try your payment again later by returning to eBay and clicking the My eBay button.


After registering a Sandbox user with the eBay Sandbox User Registration, you need to modify the registration and Shipping Address and fill in a correct address, otherwise you will see the above error message when trying to pay using PayPal.

Detailed Description

When a user is directed to PayPal Sandbox, the sandbox buyer needs to have the registration address and shipping address filled out correctly.  If either of the addresses are incorrect, you are likely to see this error.  If you used the eBay Sandbox User Registration to create the user, you need to update the registration and shipping address because the tool uses dummy values to fill in the address.  For instance, if you create a user registered on US, the address is as below for the Registered Address and Shipping Address:
city, state 95125

Since the above address is not real, when the user tries to pay using PayPal, it results in the error page. 

You can update the addresses by signing in to Sandbox as the user, go to MyeBay and under My Account, click on the Addresses link.

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