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Published: August 28 2006, 4:51:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 2:29:12 PM

GetItemsAwaitingFeedback sample in JAVA SDK

Summay Description

When working on GetItemsAwaitingFeedback, you need to be aware that
   1. The call does not use the date filter
   2. The call does not support the detail level.
  To control the volume of the response, we suggest you setting 25 entries per page in the GetItemsAwaitingFeedback request.

 Detail Description

The sample JAVA code below demonstrates on how to use  recursive algorithm to go back making additional calls and retrieve all items in the user’s My eBay account that do not yet have feedback.

  public void sendRequest() {
        int page = 1;
        GetItemsAwaitingFeedbackCall request = new GetItemsAwaitingFeedbackCall(apiContext);
        traverseThroughPages(request, page);
   public void  traverseThroughPages(GetItemsAwaitingFeedbackCall request, int page){
         int entriesPerPage =  25;
         PaginationType pt = new PaginationType();
         pt.setEntriesPerPage(new Integer(entriesPerPage));
         pt.setPageNumber(new Integer(page));
              System.out.println("In the Page " + page);
              TransactionType[] trans = request.getReturnedTransaction();

             //retrieve returned transaction data in the current  page     
              for (TransactionType thisTran : trans ){
                   System.out.println( "Transaction ID : " +thisTran.getTransactionID());            
             PaginationResultType prt =request.getReturnedPaginationResult();
             int totalPages = prt.getTotalNumberOfPages().intValue(); 
             System.out.println( " Total page " + totalPages);

             // call the function itself recursively
             if (page <totalPages) {
                  traverseThroughPages(request, ++page);
        }catch(Exception e){  

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