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Published: August 28 2006, 2:48:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 2:21:06 PM

Error 21886: Andale counters are no longer available.

Detailed Description

If you are using the <HitCounter> input tag for AddItem, you may encounter this warning message. Your AddItem call will still succeed, as this is only a warning message.

    <ShortMessage>Andale counters are no longer available.</ShortMessage>
LongMessage>Andale counters are no longer available. Similar counter provided by eBay was used.</LongMessage

This warning message indicates that you are using  HitCounterCodeTypes that are no longer supported.  The code types below previously referenced Hit Counters supplied by Andale, and are now automatically mapped to eBay Counters.  If you are receiving this warning, please begin using the new eBay Hit Counters.

 Andale Hit Counter eBay Hit Counter
 HonestyStyle BasicStyle
 GreenLED RetroStyle
 Hidden HiddenStyle

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