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Published: --Updated: September 22 2022, 10:05:14 PM

               How do I rebuild the Java JAXB SDK with a newer WSDL version

  • 1.  Download the target WSDL and save it as ${JAVA_JAXB_SDK_HOME}/source/wsdl/eBaySvc.wsdl
  • 2.  Modify  ${JAVA_JAXB_SDK_HOME}/build/setenv.bat and set the required environment variables and execute the script
  • 3Run the build scirpt as below: 
    •  ${JAVA_JAXB_SDK_HOME}/build> ant build
  • NOTE. It is observed that Java JAXB SDK building throws the following exception when running with some of the JDK versions.  
    • [wsimport] Exception in thread "main" Provider cationAddOn could not be instantiated



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