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Published: January 30 2006, 4:42:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 1:53:35 PM

Status of this Product Limitation:

Why am I getting an error that says "Unsupported shipping service selected for Oversize packages." on my AddItem call?

When using Calculated Shipping, the shipping calculator in the eBay Checkout flow is generating incorrect shipping charges for the item.
I listed the item using Calculated Shipping and provided values for WeightMajor and WeightMinor and ShippingPackage in the AddItem call.
What is going on?
How can I get the Shipping Calculator to generate the correct shipping charges for the item in the eBay Checkout flow?

You are seeing this error on the AddItem call, because the ShippingService you indicated, for example USPSPriority, does not support the ShippingPackage size you indicated, for example VeryLargePack (Very Large Package/Oversize 2). Please make sure that the ShippingService you are attempting to select supports the ShippingPackage size. You can use the GeteBayDetails call to check for information concerning this, or check with the ShippingService provider directly. In this case, you can check at For example, USPSPriority is explained at which says that USPS Priority Mail supports any weight up to a 70 lb. maximum, and VeryLargePack translates into a weight that is considered more than 70 lbs.

Here is the explanation for the problem with the Shipping Calculator generating incorrect shipping charges in the eBay Checkout flow:
When an item is listed with ShippingPackage, the eBay Checkout shipping calculator logic will look at the ShippingPackage value instead of the explicit values sent in the WeightMajor and WeightMinor fields. This was reported to the Shipping Calculator development team about 3 months ago here at eBay and the current status of the issue is that it is a Product Limitation. Therefore, if you use ShippingPackage and WeightMajor and WeightMinor in an AddItem call, please be sure that they are consistent with each other. The recommendation is to send only WeightMajor and WeightMinor in the AddItem call and do not send ShippingPackage in the AddItem call since WeightMajor and WeightMinor will translate into the correct ShippingPackage size anyway when the shipping calculator is used.

Also, please remember to include the correct unit attribute when sending in WeightMajor and WeightMinor.
For example,
<WeightMajor unit="lbs">3</WeightMajor>
<WeightMinor unit="oz">0</WeightMinor>

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