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Published: January 31 2006, 1:00:00 AMUpdated: November 28 2020, 1:53:24 PM

Why has my sandbox user's feedback score been reset to 0 (or some other value) even though I provided a feedback score that I wanted the user to have when I created the user using the Sandbox User Registration Tool (

When the Sandbox User Registration Tool is used to create a user with a Feedback score other than 0, the score does not have actual feedback entries associated with it. The score seen is the "fake" total that the user has been given.
Therefore, whenever any one of the following actions are taken on the user, the system will recalculate the actual feedback score which is of course based on any existing real feedback entries.

1. The ViewFeedback page is viewed for the user. For example, if I have a userid of "myuser" and I go to this page in the Sandbox:
Note: The first time you go to this page, you may get the following error on that page:
Internal error
The feedback you requested is temporarily unavailable. Please try again in a few minutes. If this problem persists, please contact Customer Support.
Subsequent views of this page will show the actual calculated feedback score and not the "fake" score used when creating the user

2. The GetFeedback call is made for this user. When the GetFeedback call is made, the feedback score will be calculated, and the "fake" score will be replaced.

3. The LeaveFeedback call is made with the "TargetUser" as this user. The real feedback entry that is being left for this user will cause the feedback score to be calculated, and the "fake" score will be replaced.

Any of these 3 actions will cause the "fake" feedback score that was given the user to be replaced with the actual feedback score.


1. If you need to test Feedback functionality in general, we suggest that you start by creating a set of users with 0 feedback score. Then go through the entire lifecycle of some auctions, listing and buying and then leaving feedback using this set of users. If you need some publicly available users to get started with, you can use the following 4 users in the Sandbox:
userid=tuser1 password=ebay
userid=tuser2 password=ebay
userid=tuser3 password=ebay
userid=tuser4 password=ebay

2. If you do create users with a "fake" feedback score, be sure not to use them for doing any of the things enumerated above that will reset the "fake" feedback score. Generally we suggest you use users with a fake feedback score to test the various functionalities around listing items only (such as listing store items, BuyItNow items, testing different description templates, testing Checkout and Shipping details, etc)

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