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Published: November 07 2005, 4:57:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 1:44:52 PM

How do I determine which Product Finder to use for my Search Query?

Search querys can be enhanced by the use of product finders, to specify standard product attributes pertaining to the item you are looking for. There are a few general methods of determining the product finder that would best suit your search:

1. Use Histogram of Search Results
In this option, you would first allow the users to perform a generic keyword query, and then analyze the search results in order to determine which product finder best suites the search results. For example, if a user searches on the words Levis Jeans, you would analyze the percentage of results in each category that are returned in the search results. Then take the category with the highest number of hits, and dislplay the results , along with the product finder for that particular category.

2. Search in a specific Category
If you have a specific category in which you would like to perform a search, find the product finder for that category from GetCategory2CS and GetProductFinder to get the product finder details for that category.

3. Search by Product Finder
Similar to option 2, if you know which group of products you are interested in , you can generally determine which product finder would be applicable by make a call straight to GetProductFinder, for all product finders. Find the specific Product Finder you are interested in , and use it in your search query.

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