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Published: March 31 2005, 1:00:00 AMUpdated: November 28 2020, 1:23:04 PM

Sample Code - Using a Web Reference to the eBay WSDL in VB.NET


The Attached File contains a sample project that references the eBay WSDL and lists an item by making a SOAP call to AddItem.

Detailed Description

The enclosed sample project displays a sample AddItem console which is built from a VB.NET Web Reference to the eBay WSDL. This sample demonstrates the basic connection components and AddItemRequest components necessary to create an auction listing using a VB.NET Web Reference. 

Functionality Demonstrated
  • creating and configuring a SOAPService object
  • generating the appropriate request URL for the SOAP request
  • specifying standard input properties
  • specifying listing enhancements
  • specifying multiple self-hosted images
  • error handling
  • displaying listing fees

Usage Instructions 

  • Load the SoapSample.sln in Visual Studio .NET 
  • Update the Web Reference by right-clicking the com.ebay.developer Web Reference
  • In the application, Specify your Sandbox Developer Keys, Sandbox Token
  • If appropriate, update the WSDL version
  • Compile and Execute the project

    If you want to execute the request in production, specify your Production Keys, Production Token and change the Server URL to

Version Info 

The code example above was based on the versions specified below:

API Schema Version 553
Visual Studio .NET Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003

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