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Published: February 03 2011, 9:17:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 9:12:15 PM

 My application only receives IS parameter in Render URL requests for some subscribers who is in Active subscripion state

 The reason that the authentication parameters SIG and ST are missing in the Render URL Post Data  is that the subscriber in question has no valid user token associated with your Open eBay Apps application. 

  A user auth token  becomes invalid if either of the following has happened:

  • when a user's id or password has been reset by eBay CS for any reason, all the user auth tokens, including the one generated when the eBay user subscribed to your Open eBay Apps application, are revoked ...
  • the subscriber in question revoked the user token that was associated with your Open eBay Apps application through My eBay himself/herself  


  How to get a new auth token?

  The subscriber needs to go through a simple re-authorization process illustrated here : ;to generate a new auth token for the application to use . The action triggers an updateSubscriberCredentials call that notifies you that a user's Auth token was renewed

How come the authorization revoke flow is not available for my affected subscribers?

 The authorization revoke process is turned off because your Open eBay app failed to send updateSubscriberCredentials response which result in an  "App Status remains Unavailable in authorization revoke flow" problem

What should I do to correct the problem?

   Your application needs to implement the updateSubscriberCredentials call,  listening the token revoked or renewed event and response with a value of Success in the ack field as described in this KB article.

Can eBay turn on the authorization revoke flow for my affected users?

  eBay will turn on the authorization revoke flow for your affected users so that the user can go through the re-authorization process to get a new token if and only if  your application have implemented the updateSubscriberCredentials call




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