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Published: January 04 2011, 1:03:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 9:07:19 PM

I am subscribed to an Open eBay App and having trouble with starting the app. How can I move forward?

It could be that you are unable to start the app because the app is having issues with the authorization token. Try revoking the app's authorization and then re-authorizing it. Below are the steps -

  1. Go to My eBay -> Site Preferences -> General Preferences -> Third Party Authorizations.
  2. Scroll to the application name in the list. Check 'Revoke this authorization' and click Apply.
  3. Now navigate to the Applications Tab and locate the application whose authorization you revoked. The Status for the application will say -

    Authorization for this app has been revoked. See more info

  4. Click on the link 'See more info' and a dialog box as below will appear. Click on 'I Agree' to reauthorize the app.
  5. Wait for the app status to change to Subscribed. You can then click on the 'Start' button to start using the app again.


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