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Published: December 30 2010, 3:56:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 9:07:05 PM

We are sometimes noticing a disparity in ebay buyer IDs returned by the IPN vs. GetSellerTransactions. The website displays the order with the userID in the IPN, however when I click on this buyerID, the page that loads displays the buyerID from GST. I am confused.

This can happen when the buyer changes their eBay userID.

Due to eBay's UserID Change Policy,  until the 30 days is over, buyer will have both UserIDs and the Original UserID will be passed on all transactions on the web flow.  This is for the benefit of the Sellers - in case there is a Bad Buyer who is attempting to change their UserID to circumvent the Blocked Buyer List.

The API however will return the changed (or latest) userID for the buyer.


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