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Published: December 09 2010, 10:31:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 9:05:25 PM


    Q.  Is Open eBay App  the google gadget environment?
    A. Yes, Open eBay App supports the open-standard google gadgets specification. Check the Supported Gadgets Libraries document :  for details.

    Q.  We want ebay to host the app. Can we use HTML and PHP?
    A.   eBay does not provide host service. You need to either host application yourself or find a hosting provider for your application. Yes, you can use HTML, JavaScript and PHP to develop your application

    Q. What APIs are there to access the user transactions?  We also need to access the PayPal transaction information, which APIs do we use for that?
    A. You can either use GetSellerTransactions to get a seller's transaction date or GetItemTransactions to retrieve a single item transactions.   If you passing DetailLevel tag : <DetailLevel>ReturnAll</DetailLevel> in your GetSellerTransactions or GetItemTransactions request, the PayPal transaction information associated with the eBay Item is returned in TransactionArray.Transaction.ExternalTransaction in GetSellerTracations or GetItemTransactions response when the data is available.

    Q. We need to track the licensing of the application by the ebay user account to charge for using the application.  Do we need to write the licensing tracking code also or does Open eBay App has an API for checking if a user is licensed to use the app?
   A. eBay provides Subscription interface and billing platform in Open eBay Apps environment. You need to implement subscription and billing for your app. 

   Q. We will be building tables of the user transactions.  What is the window size we will have for the table? 
   A. Please see the Options for Content and Layout document about the size (search "Views"). 

   Q. We are going to write our application in HTML and Javascript (unless we can use PHP).  Will this code be protected from being downloaded by our clients?
   A. Yes, you can use PHP.  
   When a subscriber launches your application, eBay redirects  the user to your site ( to the URL you specified in your open eBay App deployment descriptor) which we don't control. You need to provide the protection for your code.

   Q. Can the payment money be divided percentage wise to two accounts (25% to one account and 75% to another)?
   A.  You can discuss the payment with our Business Unit when you are ready for  Business Readiness Review process:

  Q. Is there a sample Open eBay App application that is similar to our application that we can use?  This sample application would need to be part of the ebay user account page, use HTML and Javascript and have output in a window on the user account page.
  A. Please check for details.

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