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Published: April 29 2010, 11:43:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 8:22:30 PM



Q: How do I gain access to the Change Plan feature which allows my subscriber to upgrade and downgrade billing plan app to make changeSubscriptionPlan API call for

A:  1. File a Support Ticket and request for access Upgrade and Downgrade billing feature and include the following information:
      - The AppID your sandbox Open eBay Apps
      - The AppID of your Production Open eBay App, which is the counterpart of your Sandbox Open eBay App listed in step one.

   Please refer to the Implementing Subscription and Billing  user guide ( check the 'Enabling Users To Change Plans' section ) for details.


Q. What I need to do to in order to support the Change Plan feature?

A:  You must  implement changeSubscriptionPlan API call and listen/handle changeSubscriptionPlanRequest that is sent to you  when a subscriber has changed their subscription plan. 


Q: Can I add Billable Plans to my Sandbox Open eBay Apps?

A: You can add testing plans to your Sandbox apps using the Embedded Application Subscription Plan Tool in Dev Portal


Q: How my subscribers access the Change Plan option

A: Once your Open eBay app is enabled for billing Plan Upgrade / Downgrade feature, the Change Plan option will be shown up in the Other actions list as below for your active subscribers to use.


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