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Published: January 13 2010, 12:53:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 8:07:44 PM

I had some environment issues and my server wasn't responding to any calls. I received some subscriptions during the downtime and  they are all in Pending State. What is the best way to get these users subscribed?

You can change the user subscription state from Active to Pending to make the subscription Active. Follow the steps below to make the subscriptions Active -

  1.  Login to your account
  2.  Once logged in, go to My Account> Embedded Applications page and click on 'Subscibers: # users'  link.
  3.  Search for users in the Pending status.
  4. Change the status of the user from Pending to Active (see snapshot below) and click on the Submit link below the dropdown.


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