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Published: December 30 2009, 11:09:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 8:07:07 PM

LMS Desktop application in Java


  This Java application illustrates how to use Java JAX-WS framework to build a Java LMS Desktop tool that utilize LMS API Services for uploading data file and download order and transaction information.

 The application comes with real, working source code available that you can experiment with it and use it in your own applications and LMS client stubs generating Ant script (the name of the buildfile is jaxws-codeGen.xml)  with the wsimport tool under the JAX-WS framwrok.

 Detail Description

  Development Requirements: 
      - J2SE 6.0 or higher
      - JAX-WS 2.1 
      - Apache ANT 1.6.x or higher


           1. Download and extract the attachched project file :

           2. Set JAVA_HOME, JWSDP_HOME and ANT_HOME environment variables

           3. Build  and launch the LMS Desktop application

                > ant -f  ${LMS Desktop project_HOME}/build.xml


       4. specify BulkDataExchangeService and  FileTransferService  Endpoint URLs and User token API Config panel shown as below:


     5. Performs LMS tasks.


      Use ./jaxws-codeGen.xml build script to generate and compile LMS API client files if you wish to refresh client stubs with the latest LMS API version    

      1.  Make sure  the system variable JWSDP_HOME is already set 

      2.  go to LMSClient install directory and run the following command:

           ant -f ./jaxws-codeGen.xml 


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