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Published: October 01 2009, 7:21:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 7:59:18 PM

Some of Open eBay Apps are not working when a user's browser privacy settings has disabled 3rd party cookies


  Some Open eBay Applications are not handling user's browser privacy settings properly. More specifically, when a user's browser privacy settings has disabled 3rd party cookies, many Open eBay Apps applications are not working.

 Most Open eBay Apps applications "break" gracefully and provide some messaging about setting cookies. However, some of apps do one of the following:

1. prompt for login (really bad)
2. presents the user with a session problem error message
3. present the user with a message that says cookies are required, however, there is no specificity around needing to enable 3rd party cookies
4. prompt the user with an "you do not have permission" error message that instructs the user to enable cookies, but when the user takes action, your app pushes them outside the canvas.
5. shows a "your session has expired" message and pops them out of the canvas
6. present the user with an arbitrary error message and the app doesn't work completely

The good news is that this has not been a widespread issue that has been reported by many eBay end users. Regardless, it is extremely important that you test your app with 3rd party cookies disabled (or privacy setting to the most strict) in your browser so you can see how your applications behave.

Here's some additional info about 3rd party cookies:

  The cookies that your applications will set will be 3rd party cookies. Some users may intentionally block 3rd party cookes which will cause Open eBay Apps application to fail.  While we have some good workarounds for them, users could be turned off by the applicaitons requirement.

  References to 3rd party cookies:

Should you decide you want to use them (cookies), you should PROPERLY handle users when the cookies are turned off. When you detect a lack of cookies, you should direct the users to a page that has wording like:

The browser you are using is rejecting cookies for our site.
Here are some steps to take:
  1) If you are being asked to accept cookies and you are not accepting them, you should try the operation again, and accept the cookies.
  2) If you have set up your browser to either reject all cookies or reject 3rd party cookes and are using a browser that supports whitelisting, you may add our address <enterdomainname> to the list, see <link to: configuring your browser to allow cookies for specific addresses>
  3) You could also <link to: enable all 3rd party cookes>

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