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Published: October 06 2020, 4:22:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 5:24:42 PM

As a seller, I want to start downloading the LMS FeeSettlementReport. Do I need to go through any set-up before I make the call to download the report?

The FeeSettlementReport is available in the production environment per seller base only.  A seller can start downloading the FeeSettlementReport after the seller's invoice cycle, but first the seller need to complete the following one-time setup process:

  1. Enable automatic generation of CSV invoice in My eBay. To do so follow the steps outlined below:
  • Login to and go to My eBay, click the Account tab, and then click the “Site Preferences” link on the left side of the page.

  • Under General Preferences, locate Seller billing preferences and click the “Show” link.

  • Select the option to “Automatically generate a CSV invoice monthly and inform me.” and click Apply

    2.  File a DTS support ticket*  including the seller's UserID to enable the seller's account for downloading FeeSettlementReport.

* - This is a temporary process. We are working towards making it more user friendly.

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