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Published: March 29 2009, 4:53:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 5:22:54 PM

Open eBay Apps Deployment Descriptor


 Below are the key points required for constructing a deployment descriptor for an Open eBay Apps application:

1. Download and edit the sample DD here
    a)  Define the OEApplication id attribute as below and set it to a meaningful value .

 <echo:OEApplication id="" xmlns:echo="" xmlns:gg=""
xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="
applications/dd/1.0.0/EchoDD.xsd" schemaVersion="1.0.0"> 

    b)  specify the Gadget.Module.Link.EndPoint.Management href attribute value and set the value as below:
     <gg:Link rel="EndPoint.Management" href="" />
    c) For URL-type Gadget (self hosted application), specify the Gadget.Module.Content href attribure and set the value as below:
     <gg:Content type="url" view="canvas" href="" preferred_height="800" preferred_width="600" />

    d) For HTML-type Gadget, you must set Require feature attribute ="ebay-api" as below if you plan to make direct eBay Trading API calls using the ${ebay_auth_token} placehold

       <gg:Require feature="ebay-api" />

    c)  Always set  permissions list for your Sandbox app:

   <Permission public ="false" /> <User id="TESTUSER_YOURUSERID" /> </Permission>

    d) set other Deployment Descriptor's properties (check the Open eBay Apps User Guide for details)

2. Login to, go to the embedded applications tab , follow the instructions documented and upload your Deployment Descriptor to Sandbox

    Once your DD is successfully uploaded to Sandbox or Production environment, an Open eBay Apps developer key set will be generated with the AppID set to the same value as the OEApplication id attribute specified in your DD. 

3. Obtain the Open eBay Applications key set here and note down the CertID which will be used as the decryption key for obtaining user information.

Additional Information

Documentation:  Open eBay Apps User Guide

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