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Published: March 12 2009, 11:37:00 AMUpdated: August 25 2022, 1:14:03 AM

When I revised an item recently, I got a warning saying "PayPal may hold some of your payments in your account. PayPal will release the hold when you receive positive feedback or after replaceable_value days without a buyer dispute, claim, chargeback or other action" (21915465). Is this paypal account related or ebay related?

Note that the message issued was only a warning and your relist must have been successful unless there were any other fatal errors.

About the warning -

eBay and PayPal are working together to improve the buyer experience and to make the eBay marketplace even safer. Therefore, in a very small percentage of cases, eBay asks PayPal to hold a payment in a seller’s PayPal account for up to 21 days. eBay asks PayPal to do this for a buyer’s protection when eBay believes the transaction is significantly more likely than the average transaction to be fraudulent or to wind up in a dispute between the buyer and the seller. For example, a relatively new eBay seller who is selling an expensive electronics item may be flagged for an eBay item hold.

For more details please refer Occasional holds on payment and Payment Holds for eBay Items.



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